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Presently we operate on the territory of four countries. Our strategy is oriented towards the client’s specific needs, and our goal is to achieve their vision through professional solutions. Total Security Management is a system of integrated services performed by one provider, so you and your staff, buildings and assets can be protected in the most effective way. The correct choice of security solution is crucial for sustainable realization of your business goals. We will work with you to determine together what your needs are. Choosing the right security strategy will allow you to focus entirely on your core business. The benefit for you? A professional team working for you, to make sure that you get exactly what you need.



We are experienced in public sector such as educational institutions, municipalities and state institutions. We train our guards to obtain all necessary skills and attitude, especially to work in the public sector. Our success in this sector is due to the correct approach, tailored to the specific characteristics of each institution. We have our own Video Surveillance Center with modem equipment. The solution is suitable for monitoring of buildings, parking lots, industrial warehouses and office premises.


Presently we operate on the territory of four countries. Our strategy is oriented towards client’s specific needs, and our goal is to achieve their expectations through professional solutions. The planned preventive maintenance is performed through periodic visits according to the annual plan of activities, consistent with regulatory requirements, the manufacturer’s recommendations and best practices implemented in the company.


We offer a comprehensive solution including early fire detection and containment of fire. We have the resources and expertise to offer adequate solution, regardless of the I type of project: designing of the fire alarm systems, delivery and installation, as well as and subsequent warranty and post warranty maintenance.


As part of the integrated facility services presented by AXION GROUP Total Facility Management, our team provides planned or on demand construction and building repairs. Quality service is performed as required at your local sites or consistently across your facility portfolio within Bulgaria. AXION GROUP Total Facility Management provides building repairs, upgrades, rebranding and fit out. No job is too simple or too complex for us.


We are a leading company in the field of professional cleaning, cleaning maintenance and delivery of sanitary consumables. We are able to provide services to the whole territory of Bulgaria via our regional offices and mobile teams. Our employees are well trained, responsible and loyal to guarantee you high level of hygiene and quality sanitary consumables. Trusted professional team who is working for you, to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Design, Maintenance & Gardening

We offer a full range of services in the field of landscaping. This includes design, construction, maintenance of parks and gardens adjacent to residential, public and office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and restaurants and Garden lights maintenance. An integral part of the services is the concomitant construction and maintenance of automated irrigation systems.


We offer an efficient and environmentally friendly control aimed at minimizing the population of pests, and their distribution by disrupting their reproductive abilities. We solve your problems, but not at any cost, not at the expense of your health. We use only pesticides ranked high on the list, but harmless to humans detergents of the World Health Organization WHO.


Winter maintenance of the external areas is our responsibility. The clients of the company receive adequate response and quality performance.

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