About us

We are a leading company in the field of professional cleaning, cleaning maintenance and delivery of sanitary consumables. We are able to provide services to the whole territory of Bulgaria via our regional offices and mobile teams. Our employees are well trained, responsible and loyal to guarantee you high level of hygiene and quality sanitary consumables. Trusted professional team who is working for you, to make sure that you get exactly what you need.


Maintaining hygiene is performed by experienced sanitary staff 24h per day. Cleaning staff are provided with professional clothing and all necessary protective equipment according to legal provisions

Cleaning maintenance of all types of rough floorings

• Washing and cleaning of soft floorings

• Cleaning maintenance of office equipment and furniture;

• General and day-to-day cleaning maintenance of kitchens and canteens;

• Maintenance of interior plants;

• General disinfection and day-to-day maintenance of sanitary premises;

Thorough cleaning after repair or reconstruction

• Delivery of sanitary consumables;

• Disinfection, Pest Control

• Car wash

• Cleaning and maintenance of green areas

• Cleaning facades

• Snow cleaning

• Waste disposal management

Representative for the country of professional floor cleaning machines and equipments

Special workwear

Spring - Summer

Autumn - Winter

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