We offer a wide range of security services:


We are experienced in public sector such as educational institutions, municipalities and state institutions.

We train our guards to obtain all necessary skills and attitude, especially to work in the public sector. Our success in this sector is due to the correct approach, tailored to the specific characteristics of each institution. Members of the security teams have gone through a special approval procedure, they are fully prepared to work in public institutions. They are trained to work with children and the elderly. We adapt our solutions according to the type and characteristics of each property to offer integrated services in an emphatic way to ensure the security of assets. We offer solutions to the provision of physical or technical security to the overall management of administrative or logistics centers, parking, warehouses and others.




We have our own Video Surveillance Center with modem equipment. The solution is suitable for monitoring of buildings, parking lots, industrial warehouses and office premises. Monitoring isperformed in real time by on-duty dispatchers. Full or part-time recording of the cameras is available. System allows users to connect over the Internet and see real-time picture of the cameras installed in their facilities. SMS or email notification in case of security event.

Physical and technical security

Access control

Monitoring and Response

Security in case of Provide fire Response fire, disaster or accident truck

Provide Regulations,instructions and Personnel training emergency care plans in case of emergency

  • Systems for company and personal security development and implementation
  • Systems for physical security design and building
  • Information protection, eavesdropping protection Information security, prevention against not authorized access to
  • Automated Information Systems (AIS) and data bases protection
  • Design, production and sell technical means for security, guard and information protection
  • Conduct investigations, loyalty checks, information insurance
  • Consultations and activities in conjunction with the Classified Information Protection Act
  • Trainings in the security field

Special workwear

Spring - Summer

Autumn - Winter

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